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The Master of Science Information Technology (MSIT)

The Master of Science Information Technology (MSIT) degree program provides a holistic perspective to the field of Information Technology to ensure that students develop knowledge about a vast array of technology that drives 21st century business. The curriculum provides an amalgam of technical and management knowledge required to properly implement and manage strategies in IT security to protect technology assets, infrastructure, and data analytics.

Current Information Technologist will enhance their technical acumen and learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret business intelligence relevant to their respective fields.

  • Create strategic plans that implement IT requirement
  • Evaluate computer systems & improve the overall effectiveness
  • Analyze & construct database management systems
  • Compare & contrast various computer system methodologies
  • Able to conduct in-depth research, independently

MSIT 600 Advanced Information Technology

MSIT 601 Principles of Data Management

MSIT 602 Modern Operating Systems

MSIT 603 Computer Systems Architecture

MSIT 605 Systems Analysis Design

MSIT 606 Management of Information Security

MSIT 607 Advanced Database Design & Management

MSIT 608 Information Technology Project Management

MSIT 611 Wireless & Mobile Systems

MSIT 624 Telecommunications & Networking

MSIT 690 Big Data Analytics

MSIT 693 Applied Information Technology Capstone Project

Total 36 credit hours

Computer Systems Analyst

Senior Systems Engineer

Database Manager

Business Intelligence Analyst

Information Technology Manager

Computer Systems Engineer

Technology Manufacturing Manager

Chief Information Officer

Advance your Career and Obtain a Competitive Edge in an Innovative, High-Demand Industry

Master of Science in Engineering Management

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) degree program is highly relevant to organizations who are continually striving to close the gap between engineering, technology, and management for performance. The field of engineering spans across several business sectors due to the fact that the field incorporates process, design, technology, and the management of projects and people. The program highlights the synergism between the application of engineering and management as part of strategic planning and in order to sustain competitive advantage.

  • Evaluate the functions of Engineering Management
  • Design strategic plans to improve efficiency & effectiveness
  • Develop processes for manufacturing & production systems
  • Formulate strategies to manage and motivate a diverse workforce
  • Create & improve Engineering Management in an ethical way

MSEM 600 Principles of Engineering Management

MSEM 601 Operations Management

MSEM 530 Managing Information Systems & Technology

MSEM 525 Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy

MSEM 605 Product & Design Process Development

MSEM 606 Management of Information Security

MSEM 608 Information Technology Project Management

MSEM 615 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

MSEM 617 E-Business Technology & Management

MSEM 641 Leading Strategic Change within Organizations

MSEM 690 Big Data Analytics

MSEM 694 Applied Engineering Management Capstone Project

Total 36 credit hours

Director of Engineering

Senior Systems Engineer

Manufacturing Manager

Engineering Project Manager

Business Development Manager

Vice President of Engineering

Technology Manufacturing Manager

Chief Operations Officer

Master in Business  Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program prepares individuals for careers in management. More specifically, its aim is to provide an opportunity for students to develop knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and understanding that will constitute a foundation for growth into competent business management professionals. Graduates seek employment in major industries including computer-related services, investment banking, securities, and consulting in the areas of management, marketing, research, analysis, and finance.

Develop mastery of functional business components

Appraise current IT effectively to support business decision making

Integrate diversity and a global perspective in business decisions

Develop problem solving and decision-making abilities

Promoting critical thinking to learning complex business concepts

Analyze quantitative data to improve strategic business initiatives


BUS 500 Organizational Leadership

BUS 505 Managerial Economics

BUS 510 Marketing Management

BUS 525 Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy

BUS 530 Managing Information Systems & Technology

BUS 535 Managerial Accounting

BUS 540 Organizational Behavior

BUS 550 Financial Management

BUS 557 Applied Methods Capstone


General Management


Financial Management

International Business

Organizational Management


Health Care Management/Administration

E-Business Management

Supply Chain Management

Health Informatics and Analysis*

Business Statistics and Data Analytics*

Digital Communications and Multimedia*

Information Technology*

Information Technology Project Management*

Total 36 credit hours

Operations Management

Senior Account Executive

Director of Marketing

Director of Sales

Director of Operations

Assistant Professor

Curriculum Developer

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Based on our former MBA applicants who applied through us; MBA in Canada offers an affordable education, with world class resources, a multicultural exposure, high ranked living standards, and most significantly, the opportunity to conveniently transition from studying to a legal working status.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Canada
Business and Management, Master Degree