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Canada isn’t just a study destination it’s a lifestyle. It has been proven that people choose Canada over the US and the UK and that says a lot. We would go to the extent of saying that Canada is the ideal destination for higher education in many different aspects such as employability, research and development, cost of living and academic standards. The study model that is offered in Canada is research based which helps students stand out from their peers in their desired industry. 

Canada has one of the most welcoming communities and populations; the country is proud of its immigrants and international students and makes sure that everyone has access to the same opportunities. Moreover Canada is considered one of the safest countries for international students. 

SnappStudy – if your dream of studying abroad takes you to Canada, we can help you. Our experienced education counselors will work with you to find and compare institutions and courses most suited to your goals and needs.

Acquiring a degree from Canada will open the door to the rest of your future, an education in Canada guarantees one thing and that’s the fact that you will become an expert in whatever field of study you choose and would help you to easily stand out from the competition and even knock them out!
The tuition fees in Canada are affordable. Comparing the quality of the education that you will get, Canada offers very reasonable tuition fees and this makes Canada an even more ideal destination for your further education
The quality of education in Canada is impeccable. The reason that we pursue a degree program is to learn from the most experienced in the field in the best possible environment and Canada offers just that. With the right amount of effort you will flourish in Canada.

Canada is welcoming and safe. Canada is famous for being so accepting of other cultures and Canadians are in fact proud of that. Canada hosts more than 250,000 international students and that huge number is self-explanatory.
Canada is extremely calm, safe and scenic. Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, making it one of the most politically stable regions. So as a student you will never have to think twice about whether you are safe or not. Apart from it’s safe society and the beautiful landscapes, Canada is also one of the cleanest countries in the world with a leading health care system and public transportation. What more could you possibly want?
Canada is culturally diverse and it’s proud of the fact. The multicultural environment of Canada is what makes it different from the rest of the world, Canada continuously celebrates diversity and as an international student you will not feel inferior to the community.
All that being said it doesn’t come as a surprise that Canada is one the most popular destinations when it comes to furthering your education.
Canadian universities offer a lot of scholarships to international students but moreover they offer subsidized educational costs depending on which country you are coming from. Educational institutions in Canada are subsidized by the government, which why the educational costs are relatively lower than those of other developed nations such as UK,US and Australia. The tuition fees vary from the undergraduate to post graduate, with the latter being cheaper.
The tuition fees aside, let’s take a look at the other incurring costs such as accommodation, food, clothing and traveling.


In Canada majority of the universities have the option of on campus residence. The costs of on campus residence are usually cheaper than living off campus, and the students will need to apply for on campus residence before the start of the semester. The cost of living on campus highly depends on the location and size of the residence. If you choose to living off campus and rent out an apartment, you need to keep in mind that you will have to pay for all the utilities and tenant’s insurance. Most of the universities in Canada offer some help and advice to assist the students in choosing the preferred accommodation.


Food and Clothing
Cooking food at home is much cheaper than eating out and so the students are encouraged to cook for themselves as eating outside can be up to twice as expensive.
As for clothing it really depends on where you choose to shop. Second hand stores are very affordable but of course brands cost a lot more. This is pretty standard everywhere in the world.

Health Coverage
Health insurance is compulsory for all students before the start of their academic year. Some universities offer health insurance packages that the students can choose from, you can further consult your university regarding this matter.

There are different modes of transport depending on where you want to travel. The public transport is quite convenient in Canada and it covers pretty much all of the major towns and cities. You can acquire monthly passes for these transportation systems which are relatively affordable.
You can of course also rent a car but you need to check the eligibility of your license with the ministry of transportation in Canada and may even need a new one.

If you choose Canada as your study destination, you will need to apply for a student visa which would allow you to stay in Canada for the duration of your studies. The visa procedure is lengthy and requires the exact right documentation; therefore it is advised to be fully prepared before submitting all of your documents.

Here are the requirements for a student visa:
· A Valid Passport;
· A letter of acceptance from the relevant university;
· Proof of financial support and funding;
· Photographs of student – Passport size;
· IME – Immigration Medical Examination;
· Language Test;
· Statement of purpose of your application;
· An active credit card;
· Other documents including any certificates, degrees and diplomas earned from any previous
schools attended;
· IELTS, GMAT, GRE scores, statement of intent to move out of Canada after completion of course and detailed description on how you would fund the total expenses.

After you have gathered and prepared the above documents, it is now time to apply for your student visa. Here are the steps:
Take into account the visa processing duration
The duration of visa processing is usually about 3 to 4 weeks but this is an approximate time and so be sure to check it with your Canadian consulate.
Applying online or in person
You can apply for your visa either way, applying in person is usually easier than applying online. However if you do decide to apply online make sure to have a camera and a scanner to help you upload the files. As for the payments a credit card is required to make the deposits.
Fill a VFS Consent form
This form needs to be filled up with the necessary details and attached with the application form.
Payment of Processing fees
All fees including VFS global service charges must be paid in full at this point to allow the application to go through. The processing fee is not refunded to any student.
Submit your application with all documents
At this stage you need to visit the VFS office and hand over all necessary documents and Canada visa requirements along with your application. Pay the service charges that are applied, submit the completed application and get a receipt which would contain a tracking ID that you would need to use in order to track your application and its progress online.

Approval of Application
In case your application is successfully approved, you would be notified by the Canadian Government and they would request for your valid passport. Submit your passport and the letter received to the VFS office and you would be offered a temporary resident visa and introduction letter. On arrival at Canada, you would then be presented with your Student visa.

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Based on our former MBA applicants who applied through us; MBA in Canada offers an affordable education, with world class resources, a multicultural exposure, high ranked living standards, and most significantly, the opportunity to conveniently transition from studying to a legal working status.

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