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Budapest has been named one of the most affordable student cities. Hungary is a very popular tourist destination but not many know that it’s also an extremely popular study destination. There is no doubt that Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, some even saying that it’s the Paris of Eastern Europe. I personally would disagree and say that Budapest is even more beautiful than paris. There are a lot of UNESCO world heritage sites such as the second largest thermal lake in the world (Lake Hévíz ) , the largest lake in central Europe (Lake Balaton) and the largest grassland in Europe (Hortobágy) . The oldest university in Hungary is the Pecs University which was established over 600 years ago, Pecs is a city in the southern part of Hungary. As of today there are 65 higher education institutions with 29 of them being public and 37 of them being private institutions. Hungary is becoming more international day by day and they offer 550 courses in English, German and French. Majority of the courses are in English with German being the second most used one and then French.

Our experienced education counselors will work with you to find and compare institutions and courses most suited to your goals and needs.

  • Hungarian higher education has an impressive international reputation; Hungary is also known as the home of academic excellence with its 650 years of experience.
  • Hungary is proud to be in the top 20 of countries with the highest number of Nobel Prize Winners per capita.
  • You can get a European degree for a fair price – studying in Hungary is a good investment.
  • Different scholarships are available for international students.
  • According to official statistics, Hungary is amongst the 20 safest countries around the world (Global Peace Index 2016 Report).
  • Hungary is in the heart of Europe, and you can travel around easily – and you can explore the Central European region.
  • Hungary is a great place to discover, with numerous World Heritage sites nationwide.
  • The country has a rich cultural life and long-standing traditions.
  • Hungary offers a vibrant life for young people with many indoor and outdoor activities.


An amount of approximately 120000–170000 HUF (380-550 EUR) is needed monthly to cover the costs of living in Budapest. This sum includes rent, grocery, food, personal hygiene, local transport, telephone bills and other expenses apart from the tuition fee. Accommodation is the most significant single expense in your budget, and the final amount will vary depending on the accommodation of your choice.

Rental fees:

one-bedroom flat (utilities not included):250-400EUR/person/month

Rental fee of a two-bedroom apartment:250 -350 EUR/person/month

Youth-hostel (utilities included): 210-300 EUR/person/month

To give you a rough idea about monthly living costs, see the following list of average prices in Budapest in EUR. The prices in this guide depend on the exchange rate. ƒ local transport/month: 12 EUR ƒ

bus ticket: 1.2 EUR ƒ

1 loaf of bread: 0.6-1.5 EUR ƒ

1 liter of milk: 0.6-1 EUR ƒ

1 cup of espresso: 1 EUR

1 bottle of beer: 0.6-1.5 EUR ƒ

1 bottle of wine: 2-10 EUR ƒ

eating out: 6-15 EUR

Please note that only your parents, grandparents and children can be your sponsors.

  • A filled out and signed Application Form for Residence Permit for the purpose of studies
    (Please find a template attached)
  • Scanned copy of your passport photo-page
  •  Final Letter of Admission
  •  Medicover health insurance documents
  •  Your sponsor’s notarised bank statement of the last 6 months together with a statement that proves that your sponsor will transfer at least 500 EUR/month
  •  A letter from your sponsor’s employer
  •  Notarized sponsorship/commitment letter
  •  Proof of sufficient funds of the sponsor (e.g. rental contracts, depositor’s book, proof of
  •  Evidence of the relationship with the sponsor (e.g. births certificate)
  •  Your CV
  •  A Cover letter that includes your motivation of studying at Budapest Metropolitan University,
  • previous trips abroad and family background.
    Please also prepare the 60 EUR administrative service fee of applying for the residence permit.
    Please find more details on our website under the Visa and Residence Permit section.
    IMPORTANT: Please do not submit any document that proves that you want to take loan to cover the costs of your studies and living expenses.

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