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The Simplest Path to Immigrate: Educational Acceptance

A platform that supports you from A to Z. For more information about our services, educational
opportunities at various levels worldwide, and online internships in countries such as the USA and the
UK, click on the consultation appointment reservation or fill out the online assessment form to expedite
your educational acceptance process.

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Why SnappStudy ?

Admission Consultation

Admission Consultation: Receive specialized consultation for choosing the right major, university, and country, as well as applying for admission, visa, and pre-entry preparations.

One Step to University Admission

Create and complete your profile in a few minutes, then search among over ten thousand university majors in the USA, Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Visa Assistance

Our visa Experts will assist you at each step and will take care of your visa process with their advice.

Download our mobile app and start your educational acceptance process.

By completing the intelligent initial form, all options suitable for your conditions will be displayed. Our consultant team will assist you at every stage, from choosing a major, university, and country to the entire process, including admission, admission results, visa procedures, and post-visa stages.

Universities and Seminars

Vesta Global, branded as SnappStudy, has contracts with over 250 universities and schools worldwide. A list of some of these institutions is available on our mobile application. Every week, our various offices host seminars and webinars featuring the participation of these universities and schools.


We believe in your educational goals and aspirations, and we do our best to turn these goals into reality. By using our mobile application, you can enter your basic information, view universities and majors that match your academic background and interests, and get in touch with our consultants. Fill out the online assessment form before taking any action.

Partners and Consultants Portal

Consultants and partners can collaborate with us to eucrite students abroad or those interested in joining our consultants and partners group can access our portal after completing the registration form, interview, and necessary training.

Have Questions?

Fill out the assessment form now and schedule a time with our consultants.

Familiar with Our Activities?

In addition to handling admission and the student visa process for students and students in the mentioned countries, get acquainted with our other services and choose services tailored to your needs.

Weekly Free Seminars

Join our weekly promotions to get benefited from partial scholarships only for Snappstudy students offering by our university partners.

Online Internships at International Companies

If you are a high school student, university student, or recent graduate and want to gain work experience from international companies and organizations, contact us.

Professional Consultation

After completing our assessment form, book a consultation appointment online to get in touch with our expert consultants to choose the best program and university based on your conditions and priorities.  Counseling can be done both by phone and in person.

Studying in special fields

 If you intend to study in fields related to medicine, law, music business, film in the best universities in Europe, UK, USA and Canada, fill out the online assessment form right now and book a consultation to get the advice from our expert team that suits your conditions…

Study in Canadian , American and British online schools

Snappstudy is the official representative for online schools, this option is suitable for students who intend to continue their studies in universities in the United States, Canada, England,… so that they can study online at the lowest cost. Online schools are available for students from year 7 to year 12 of school without age restrictions…

Credibility and trust are the foundation of our relationship with our students

I am very grateful to the SnappStudy team for completing the admission and visa process in less than two months and in the best possible way since I arrived in Berlin 10 days ago
I am currently in the USA, and I thank the SnappStudy institute and its experienced consultants for assisting me throughout the admission and visa process. Friends who want to succeed in obtaining a US visa, be sure to work with SnappStudy

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Frequently Asked Questions

A small number of universities in the USA and Europe provide admission without an English language proficiency certificate and with a proficiency test. However, this does not mean that the student does not have language skills; the student's minimum language level must be intermediate.

In the admission process, no university has an age requirement. Still, considering the nationality and the success rate of the visa for students, specific age conditions are recommended. For example, in Hungary, the maximum age for a bachelor's degree is 25 years, and for a master's degree, it is 40 years. In special cases, a student with a age of 50 has also succeeded in obtaining a visa.

The answer to this question varies depending on the applicant's desired country. For example, in the undergraduate level, the conversation about education should not generally be more than five years from the end of high school to the beginning of the undergraduate program. In the master's degree, the student can justify their conversation with valid work experience.

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